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  1. If you're looking forward to jumping into ArcheAge: Unchained which players simply need to purchase the game and they can play as much as they want! But you're not sure where to start, then we have you covered, mmosky as a professional archeage store would like to share some tips and tricks with you. Crafting You'll spend lots of time grinding up your professions to help you advance in ArcheAge Unchained. If you need to upgrade some gear but don't have the required proficiency, you can always post a request asking for another player to craft it for you. So, don't feel like you need to grind all the time. Of course, players must be charged for doing so. I think it's worth it if you don't have the time to grind or want to save your labor points. Nowadays gold is particularly easy to get by buying from MMOSKY. Extra Storage If you find yourself running low on storage you can buy the Otherworld Storage Chest from the credit shop. To prevent falling damage from losing a lot of health and being killed by other players, you may wish to try this trick. For clarity,although the game company announced the cancellation of Pay-to-Win mode. However, here is another carefully planned by the game company. LOL. This chest is considered furniture and you can put it in your house. The chest comes with 100 slots where you can store all sorts of items that you don't want to carry around. The chest is also only accessible to you so you don't need to worry about another player sneaking into your house behind you, stealing all your gear, and selling it for ArcheAge Unchained gold. Functionally, it is still very practical, you can decide for yourself whether you need to buy. You Can Access the Auction House from Anywhere A lot of new players mistakenly think you need to visit an auctioneer to access the AH, but you can actually access it from anywhere. There's an icon on the bottom right of your screen that looks like a signpost. When you click on this icon, you'll be presented with three icons, and one of these icons is the auction house. This is indeed a very user-friendly setting which can improve users experience. In most games, players need to access the NPC to enter AH. Drop From Any Height Let's say you're on the top of a mountain and see a player walking on the land below and decide you want to swoop down and kill them. To prevent falling damage from losing a lot of health and being killed by other players, you may wish to try this trick. All you need is the Shadowplay skillset and the Drop Back ability for this to work. Simply glide from any height and just as you're about to hit the ground execute Drop Back and you'll be spared from fall damage. Cultivated plants If you are tired of playing game, you may try to plant plants or change the game mode, this will change your mood. Your house is on a plot, you can plant trees and other items which right outside your house. Although the available space is small, it's better than nothing. I hope these tips and tricks can help you a bit. If you don't have much energy to farming ArcheAge Unchained gold by yourself, you can buy ArcheAge Unchained gold directly from We are legit and reliable ArcheAge Unchained gold selling online store. Whenever you want to buy ArcheAge Unchained gold, you can contact us at anytime. We will stay online 24/7.
  2. Online games are rapidly attracting gamers around the world. The ability to create a new world, the battle against enemies and kill the rivals gives the feeling of accomplishment and pleasure that is hard to understand by others. There is a huge variety of games available online that you can enjoy playing. However, there are only a few that are famous and people are ready to take this gaming trend to the next level. A game that has attracted many is ArcheAge Unchained. ArcheAge Unchained ArcheAge Unchained is one of the best games available online which comes with various amazing scenes and details. Riches and empowering items can be acquired in diverse quests and dungeons. All players will have the same chance to craft the most powerful weapons and equipment that can be found in the colossal fantasy world. In this game, players can travel freely around the epic fantasy world. In the new version mounts, pets and gliders with special buffs can be unlocked through gameplay. Why select MMOSKY to buy gold for ArcheAge Unchained No doubt that buying golds in ArcheAge Unchained is not as easy as it seems like. They are very expensive which means that you will be out of your budget. However, if you are planning to wait you might have to wait for many hours only to get a restricted number of golds. The best solution for this problem is to buy ArcheAge Unchained Gold from MMOSKY. It is the most reliable and cost-effective platform where you can buy as many ArcheAge Unchained gold as you like at the most affordable rate. Step by step guide to buy ArcheAge Unchained Gold from MMOSKY Here is a step by step guide on how you can buy ArcheAge Unchained Gold from MMOSKY. Step 1 Enter the game selection page If you are ready to buy ArcheAge Unchained Gold from MMOSKY you will have to visit the selection page first. Here you will get the tab on game currency, take your cursor on it and you will see the names of all the games whose currencies are available on MMOSKY. Here you have to select ArcheAge Unchained.It will take you to the product page. Step 2 Go to the product page. Once you visit the product page here you will get the option of Golds for the ArcheAge Unchained. There is an icon of coins which show that the currency is for the game. You have to click on the icon to reach the main product page of the golds from where you will be able to select the golds that you are planning to buy. Step 3 Choose your server One of the most important things you have to do once you have reached the product page is that you have to choose your server properly. There are various options available related to the server of ArcheAge Unchained. If you choose the wrong server,even you leave us the right character name,we can’t deliver to you still. Step 4 Place the order Choose the golds amount you need and then add it to the shopping cart. When you fill out the order information,please confirm your server name, character name carefully, including the symbols on the letters. If the name is incorrect, it may result in the delay of your order or unnecessary.
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    Astellia Online Endgame Content Astellia is the evolution of the modern fantasy MMORPG that fans have been waiting for. It's a free to play fantasy MMORPG by Barunson E&A which was specifically localized for Western audiences. You can choose from five character classes: Archer, Warrior, Mage, Scholar, or Assassin. Embark on an epic journey and summon mythical creatures called Astels in the form of cards to assist in combat. Astels come in four types (Savior, Guardian, Servant, and Aide) and thirteen classes such as Warrior, Knight, or Fairy. Take different sets of Astels into battle, utilizing their unique skills and enhancing them to level up. Take them into battle in open world content, competitive team battlegrounds, massive persistent three-faction warfare, and tons of group and solo dungeons across the game world., such as large-scale PvP and PvE in the same field, a PvP Colosseum, a PvE Tower, and guild wars. Here are what’s to come: Namely, like with any roadmap, there is always a chance that dates can shift. Along with the understanding that the nature of the content listed may change throughout its development. Also, this list is not complete. Astellia Online Development Roadmap Astellia 2019 Roadmap November Avalon Opens - November 19th, 2019 marks the opening of the large scale tri-faction PvP battleground known as Avalon. - The initial week of Avalon will house the pre-season kick off event, giving players a chance to earn a variety of unique special event rewards to celebrate the opening of Avalon. December Christmas Events: - A special Christmas themed Hunting Field, where players can earn holiday themed items and other goodies. - Braga Clause comes bearing holiday cheer, and new seasonal quests for all the good little Astellians out there. Item Fusion - Take your equipment to the next level by upgrading the equipment Tier and Stats through Item Fusion! Miodan Mine - A new land designed for high level players awaits, known as Miodan Mines. Legendary Dungeons 2.1 - Hall of Equality, Arau Cave, Lagash Underground Sanctum Astellia 2020 Roadmap Quarter One New Astel - Enakir - A new Astel champion appears, known as Enakir. Pradoten Dungeon Introduced - Pradoten Dungeon is a new style of dungeon, known as a gathering dungeon for crafting materials. Guild Arena Introduced - Battle against other guilds in 16 vs 16 and 48 vs 48 arenas. Legendary Dungeons 2.2 - Dogavi black Market, Sansara Fortress, Temple of Blessings Valentine’s Day Event Legendary Dungeons 2.3 - New: Haveli Mansion, Dimensional Library Basilla Addition of Astel Equipment System New Hunting Ground - City of Lost Time 12 Player Raid Dungeon New Astel Origin Virgo Beyond Quarter One - Legendary Dungeons 2.4 - Raising of the level cap. - 3 New Main Story Zones - 2 New Dungeons - Additional Guild Content (Features) - Additional Hunting Grounds - Additional Avalon Content Updates Key Features: - Five Character Classes – create a character from five distinct classes, each with different abilities and weapons. The classes are Warrior, Assassin, Mage, Scholar, and Archer - Collect Cards – summon and collect Astels, which act as pets. - Take Astels into Combat – have Astels fight at your main character's side, using unique skills to turn the tide in battle. - Enhance Astels – level up the skills of Astels to increase their battle power. - Lots of End-Game Content – delve into various end-game content, such as large-scale mash of PvE and PvP, raids, PvP Colosseum, and guild wars. You can come to Mmosky to see more news. We has added the sale of Astellia Asper, welcome to place your order.
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    Happy new year, everyone! Today, MMOSKY is sharing with you some of The Elder Scrolls Online's improvements for 2020. While ESO is undoubtedly one of the best and most-played MMOs on the market right now, it’s hard to deny that it suffers from some serious technical issues. In Update 24, which just recently dropped in Q4 of 2019 alongside the Dragonhold story DLC, the focus was on overhauling the game’s memory management and other behind-the-scenes improvements, as well as a total rewrite of the Looking for Group system. Earlier in 2019 ZeniMax Online outlined their plan for the much-needed ESOperformance improvements, but so far there hasn’t been a dramatically noticeable change. Throughout most of 2019 players have had issues across the entire game world whether it be framerate issues, game crashes, massive slow downs in populated areas, or just bad lag in general. I suggest ZeniMax Online can learn more from Blizzard's WoW in terms of performance improvement. In Q1 2020 when Update 25 hits (probably around February or March 2020 if past years are any indication) we should see characters and other objects load much more quickly, a big patching overhaul, combat ability improvements, and part one of a large framerate improvement initiative. Notably, multi-threading work should allow game systems to properly utilize multiple cores of a player’s CPU more efficiently, improving the game client’s performance overall. Another thing worth pointing out is that this means every player across all platforms will have to redownload the game client once Update 25 goes live. If ZeniMax Online allows the game to be updated directly, instead of deleting the game and then downloading it again, because players have their own personalized settings, which means that after re-downloading the game, the player must also reset it. I think this is something that is not very friendly to players. This update is also expected to kick off the year-long story for the next expansion with two DLC dungeons that will likely take place in the upcoming Skyrim chapter. Then in Q2 2020 (probably May or June) we’ll see Update 26 for ESO which is focused on more framerate improvements, more combat ability improvements, and server optimization fixes specifically focused on pets and player character loading processes. ZeniMax Online still don’t have a release date for the Google Stadia version of ESO, but ZeniMax Online has confirmed that it will be crossplay with the PC version. In short, ZeniMax Online's plans for future updates to The Elder Scrolls Online are commendable. I hope The Elder Scrolls Online will bring more fun to players! That‘s all about the future upgrades of The Elder Scrolls Online, you can come to The Elder Scrolls Online website to see more details, and welcome to MMosky to Buy ESO gold. The professional services will to your satisfaction.